Dale Halaway’s Transformational Meditations have helped thousands of people achieve breakthrough after breakthrough in releasing the negative energetic shackles that have kept them from experiencing a more empowered and abundant life.

These life changing meditations are frequency modulated to take you even deeper and can now be in your personal toolkit to support you on your path…

First, through raising awareness of our limiting dynamics, then by gently guiding us through the process of releasing them, and by finishing up with a powerful visualization, Dale’s meditations connect listeners to their own profound, deeper truths.

This soundscape uses 3D synth ambient sounds with drone, set to morphing healing frequencies. All frequencies are set at healing tones for each of the 7 energy centers. Use this daily as part of your morning or evening practice, to optimize your energy and to center your alignment each and every time you use it.

Forgiveness is a key ingredient in finding a way back to our health and happiness. This healing meditation is designed to help you recognize and release the negative, judgmental energy and resentment you have been holding toward others and often towards yourself. When we are able to forgive and let go of pent up anger or resentment, we receive multiple benefits – we often begin looking younger as well!

The love and acceptance of all parts of ourselves is key in our health and wellness. This meditation is designed to aid in understanding body issues and the energy blockages within them. Self-love and genuine self-acceptance are the secrets of tapping into a proverbial fountain of youth. Embark on reversing your own aging process by learning to love yourself fully and completely.

We each have a child within that wants to be loved. And if we are unaware of this, that child can wreak havoc in our lives. By giving your inner child the attention and love it wants, needs and deserves, you will watch your life become more fulfilled and happy – and you will begin to feel more complete. This meditation guides us to connect with and begin to heal and raise our inner child, leading to more fulfilling relationships.

We all have an inner voice within… some call it intuition, others call it the voice of our higher self. This meditation will help you learn to listen to that voice inside of you. Believe it or not, this part of you knows you better than you know yourself. By connecting with this higher part of you that is here to guide you, you will begin to make better choices and have more clarity in life – you’ll also be less resistant to that inner guidance you are receiving.

Limiting beliefs are things that our subconscious believes to be true. These false beliefs are holding us back from a better life. This meditation helps connect you to your soul and to your personal truth. You will be guided to discover and release a limiting belief that has been a road-block on your path. The more you do this meditation, the more you uncover and move past subconscious beliefs that have been blocking you, some since childhood.

Doing shadow work can be very revealing in uncovering darker aspects of ourselves. Often these darker aspects take over when a subconscious program within us gets activated. When this happens, we generally go non-present and “wake up’ to new messes that our shadow has created in our lives. Getting a handle on our shadow behaviors by recognizing, and then learning to tame and heal our shadow is propelled with this meditation.

Letting go is a challenge for the majority of people, though it is something we should be doing continuously. By bringing awareness to what it up for us to let go of, we can then move into actually releasing it. With Dale’s guidance in this meditation, we are able to dialogue with different parts of ourselves that may be in resistance to those changes. We can then release our attachment to the things that are no longer serving us.

Transforming though discovering something significant about yourself is the theme of TransCovery® and the core of this guided meditation. Dale’s patented healing modality has helped thousands of people achieve breakthrough after breakthrough in releasing the negative energetic shackles that have kept them from experiencing a more empowered and abundant life. And now you can experience the same breakthroughs and successes.

The way we begin each day sets the tone for how the rest of our day will go. The state of mind that we operate from can impact the events that we will experience throughout the day greatly. Dale has designed this daily meditation specifically for you to start each day with your best foot forward. You are then able to be more present, make better choices and experience more joy as your day unfolds.

This meditation’s composition creates a mesmerizing and immersive experience by combining 3 simple elements: the vibration of a Tibetan bowl to bring you into a feeling state of receptivity, the frequency of Dale’s voice which resonates at 963hz to open your upper energy centers, and the meditation itself that guides you on an inner journey. This captivating combination takes you deep into an exploration with your inner child, revealing its shadow aspects that hold the keys to healing and raising your child within – leading you to a more harmonious and happy life.

In this pleasant meditation you will go on a journey within from a movie screen and through a doorway to a placid waterfall dropping into a soothing pool of water. A younger version of you and an older version of you will be introduced, giving you the opportunity to engage and dialogue with them. This in turn will lead them towards greater unity with you and within you.

This heart healing meditation is designed to realign and rebalance your 4th Energy Center, the Heart Center, which is the connector for balance in all areas of your body and your life. When the heart is open and fully functioning, everything just works better–life has more ease, grace and joy.

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