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With a basis grounded in the Laws of the Universe, Dale Halaway joins together the practical with the spiritual to create real transformation for his students. Dale’s teachings have been broken down into easily digestible courses, in a range of topics that stand alone, or when combined together, reveal even deeper insights and truths within the listener or viewer. Whether starting with a brief recording, or delving into a longer course with workbook pages and meditations, you’ll find everything you need to build a strong foundation to create profound results with lasting change.

In this course, you will learn how to recognize parts of yourself that you are disconnected with. Not only will you be given information on how to reconnect with them, but you will also learn other life changing information on how and where you have been inhibiting your own happiness and success.

Experience the most powerful relationship course of it’s kind. Discover how to know if a potential new relationship is truly right for you. In this course you will also learn how to strengthen the relationships you currently have. Avoid the pain and lost time of wrong relationships with this insight.

In this course you will come to truly understand that each choice we make has a profoundly different outcome we can contemplate before choosing it. That includes the smallest of choices, no matter how unimportant they may seem. Now your life can take a significant turn for the better by having the knowledge to help influence those choices.

In this course, you will discover your keys to happiness through personal empowerment. You’ll gain an understanding of how to align and open your energy centers. You will then be able to progress towards uniting these energy centers through your chakras. By doing this you’ll learn the answers to self-actualization that you’ve been searching for.

Whether you are new to Dale’s life changing teachings or are a returning student, this collection is a must have for anyone on a transformational path. This one of a kind course contains 10 of the best Dale Halaway teachings, taken from six of his most popular seminars. What better way to access these valuable core teachings, than with this impactful compilation?

Dale Halaway has created a method that reveals and helps you peel away the layers of negativity, false belief systems and the ties to toxic people that are keeping you stuck or holding you back. This transformational system is now here for you to apply to your life, and to accelerate your journey toward the greater version of yourself. 

This course is about a new authenticity that’s available to us all in this time of great change. This is also the time in which we are learning how to live our life as a soul. In this powerful class we’ll be focused on the seven “energy centers” which are crucial to understand for living our life with authenticity (personally and professionally).

“Are you in search of the truth?” Whether your answer is yes or no, Dale will help you connect to why you want to be. Get ready to tap into your greatest strengths that have been hidden from you as you move into your true authentic power – a power that releases as you return to wholeness. It may come as a shock to discover that you have been fooled into believing you are whole and complete. By getting in touch with the areas that you have been shut off from and reuniting them, you will gain a sense of clarity and strength that will propel you toward greater success and happiness.

This course is an introduction to finding your way back to your true, authentic self and embarking on a path of transformation that leads to lasting, positive change. By starting with an understanding of how we get separated from our true selves, we are able to understand the process of getting back to it through a process of changes that are up for us to make. Knowing the areas that we get hung up in making change so we can overcome them is crucial to creating lasting change. In this course we will uncover what is up for the listener of this program, and identify several strategies to get in touch with our true feelings and to make conscious choices that will create inner peace and harmony within.

Change is Inevitable, resistance is futile. Yet most resist change like it’s a plague. In this Course, that accompanies the #1 best selling book, Being Called to Change, you will gain a deeper understanding of what change is and how to prepare for, accept and flow with it. By identifying what is up for you to change and by learning the key factors that surround your own resistance, you will be able to progress toward the true you and the happier, more fulfilling life that you desire.

In the realm of personal evolution, there are 4 levels of dependence that one must rise up through to achieve the highest levels of mastery. Unfortunately, most people get stuck in the lowest and heaviest level, co-dependence, which is why so many constantly experience struggle in life. This course is the road map and how-to guide for rising up to your greatest human potential and achieving ultimate freedom as a spiritual being.

This course will lead us to greater harmony by first explaining how our outer world is a reflection of our inner world, and how dis-ease can show up in our lives and even in the body. Unifying the heart and mind are crucial to achieving a harmonious life. Further, connecting with our inner self will deepen communication between the different parts of us. In order to do this, we will gain insight of our real-self and our false-self, as well as how to transcend the needy energy of our false self. We will learn an important tool for releasing our needy energy in order to have forward movement. Our inner child also plays a key role in having a harmonious life. Here we will learn more about this role along with the role of the shadow and ego, as they pertain to happiness and harmony. There is great importance in the benefits of speaking our truths – you will leave this course with a new viewpoint on truth that will lead you towards greater harmony within.

The full recordings of the recent Born To Rise Live seminar are now available at this special price. In these groundbreaking and transformational recordings from the 2-day seminar, you’ll learn how to let go of your attachments in a Co-dependent world, and ascend into a higher frequency.

For a limited time, you can get access to Dale’s most recent relationship teachings in this live seminar replay. During this inspirational and groundbreaking experience, you’ll learn how to create the relationships, friendships and partnerships of your dreams. The 12 point guide Dale teaches is a process you will want to apply to every relationship you have.

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